At Old Brook High School's Parma Campus, we’re committed to helping every student stay on track to graduate. Every time you earn a credit, we’ll review your progress on our Grad Tracker and help you choose the classes that will give you your shortest path to earning your diploma.

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Our Approach

Old Brook High School's Parma Campus is a unique high school serving students ages 15-21 who want to graduate early or have been failed by traditional schools.

We know that every student learns differently. Our approach is to understand what each student needs to succeed and help them chart a path to graduation. Our flexible school hours, individualized learning plans, and lots of support from caring teachers allow each student to work at their own pace, earning credits towards graduation as quickly as they can or as slowly as they need to.


We Believe

At our school, we believe:

  • Everyone deserves a second chance at receiving a first-class education and being successful in life
  • Everyone deserves a chance to become all they can be
  • Everyone learns at different rates and students should have educational choices that provide for their individual needs
  • A flexible schedule is critical to young adults who need to earn a diploma even if work or life is getting in the way of school
  • A high school diploma opens up possibilities for our students and benefits our entire community
  • No one educational approach is right for everyone

Quality Matters

At our school, we're committed to providing students with a high quality education. We go beyond Ohio’s state standards, earning national accreditation from AdvancED for our sustained commitment to continuous improvement and student outcomes.